Scavenger Hunt

Our early-evening programme at Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead always includes a Water Slide, a Night Line and a Scavenger Hunt.

The easiest of these three activities that you can do from your own home and local area is a Scavenger Hunt.

We’ve put together three different Scavenger Hunts together, you can decide which one you complete.

Safety First

Make sure the person caring for you knows what you are doing and follow any rules they set

Remember to tidy up once you’ve completely finished

Camera Scavenger Hunt
– Instructions
Indooor Scavenger Hunt
– Instructions
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
– Instructions

Photos & Videos

We’d love to see photos and videos of you participating in ScotJam 2020. You can share your photos & videos with us on Facebook and Twitter, or you can e-mail us – (