Minute to Win It

One of the highlights of our ScotJam for Scouts evening programme is our Minute to Win it Challenge Night.

Minute to Win it is an American game show, where competitors have to complete a range of challenges that use objects found around the house.

How many challenges can you complete in an hour. Here are some of our favourite challenges.

Remember to share photos and videos of your family participating on our facebook and twitter pages or you can e-mail them to scotjam@scouts.scot

Challenge Equipment Instructions Coutdown Timer
Back Flip Pencils
(Min 2, Max 12)
Noodling Around Spaghetti
Penne Pasta
Speed Eraser Pencil & Mug/Tumbler
(Min 1, Max 7)
Tea Party Baseball Cap
(Tea Bag x 2
Tipsy Can of Juice x 3
Breakfast Scramble Cereal Box

More Minute to Win It Challenges can be found on YouTube