Activity 4 – Hike

For this activity you can choose from two different activities

Hike to … Gilwell (and beyond)

We’d like to see how far we can all walk.

Observing the current government guidance and with parental/carer permission go for a hike/ walk around your local area if you can. Make sure you are appropriately dressed.

If you are unable to leave your home/ garden, you can take part by walking laps of your house/garden or by climbing the stairs.

Record the distance you walk or the number of steps that you take.

Update – We made it to Gilwell Park. Well Done Everyone!

Meggernie Ramble

Rab & Judith Potter, the wardens at Scouts Adventures Meggernie, take you for a ramble around Meggernie to see what you can see

Can you find the answers to these questions …

  1. What did we find living on the Bird Cherry tree?
  2. What is the name for the seeds of an Oak tree?
  3. What is the name of the river that runs beside Meggernie?
  4. What are sheep horns made of?
  5. What mineral is found in antler and needed for strong bones?