Activity 6 – Backwoods Cooking

A camping favourite is backwoods cooking. in this activity Rab & Judith from Scouts Adventures Meggernie show you how to make some of backwoods meals

If you are cooking on an open fire/ barbecue, make sure that you are supervised by an adult. Don’t worry if you are unable to use a fire/ barbecue all these recipes can be cooked normally.

Safety First

  • Make sure the person caring for you knows what you are doing and follow any rules they set
  • Remember to wash your hands before and after cooking

Remember to tidy up once you’ve completely finished

Level Activity Instructions YouTube Video
Hill Sausage Twists
– Instructions
Corbett Chocolate French Toast Rolls
– Instructions

– Video
Munro Pizza
– Instructions

Activity Levels

Each activity has been rated bease on the level of challenge within the activity and the time it might take to complete

  • Hill – accessible to all. Some challenge to each the end
  • Corbett – a little more challenging than a hill, more time and efford required
  • Munro – a very challening activt, it might take a couple of hours to complete

Photos & Videos

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