Session 6: Minute to Win It

Our sixth, and final session, of ScotJam at Home 2021 is based on the American gameshow Minute to Win It. This session will start at 4pm on Sunday 8th August.

Minute to Win it is an American game show, where competitors have to complete a range of challenges that use objects found around the house.

How many challenges can you complete in an hour?

1: Back Flip

Equipment – Pencils (Min 2, Max 12)

2: Ready Spaghetti

Equipment – Spaghetti, 3 Empty Drinks Cans, A Partner

3: Magic Carpet Ride

Equipment – A Towel

4: Egg Dance

Equipment – 2 x Eggs, 2 x Serving Trays or plates.
Complete this challenge outside

5: Fly Shoe Fly

Equipment – A Shoe, a Table
Complete this challenge outside

6: Don’t Blow the Joker

Equipment – Bottle, Deck of Cards (inc. Joker)

7: Breakfast Scramble

Equipment – Front of a Cereal Box

8: Penny Hose

Equipment – 2 x Pennies (or Chocolate), Pair of Tights/ Stockings

9: Stick the Landing

Equipment – Bottle

10: Face the Cookie

Equipment – Cookie (or similair Biscuit)

Looking For More – additional Minute to Win it challenges are available on YouTube

Photos & Videos

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